My PNP Account - My Products

Certain fields of your video message can be modified once you have finished your personalization. Use the “modify” icon in your account’s “My Products” tab. Note that once you initiate the flattening process that allows you to download the file, modification will no longer be available.

This tab provides you with a bird’s eye view of all your products, your personalized messages and the actions you can take during the current Holiday season.

Move your cursor over the icons under the “Available Actions” column to discover what you can do.

When the season is over in mid-January, the elves will send you an email to invite you to download the video messages if you wish to keep them before they are removed from the system.

You can “personalize” a product that was purchased from the e-shop and hasn’t been through all of the questions in the personalization form associated with this product. Once the product has been personalized, the “Personalize” action is replaced with the “Modify” action. In other words, you need to personalize a product before you can modify it.

No, certain fields are not modifiable. If you wish to modify a “non modifiable” field, you will need to create a new message.

Furthermore, products associated with a downloadable file are no longer modifiable once you’ve generated the file for download.

Finally, physical products that have been ordered will no longer be modifiable.

PNP will bring you to the first page of the personalization form where you will begin the personalization of this particular product.

A free video message will not appear in your list of products until you have completed all the steps in the form. It is possible that your session expired before you completed the process. Try again and if you're still having trouble, please contact the PNP elves, making sure you describe what you have already done.

While you can’t share a video message from this area, you can click on the “View” message and use the share options inside the video player page.

First, you need to purchase this option if you haven’t done so already. You can purchase this option by clicking on the “Purchase Download” button to the right of the video message you wish to keep. If this button doesn’t appear next to your video product, you probably already own this option.

Before you download the file, make sure you viewed it and are happy with the result. Once you trigger the download button, you will not be able to modify the information in video any longer, so keep this in mind.

When the download option is available for a product, it will appear as an icon showing a green circle with a yellow arrow in the center. This means you have completed a message and your video can be compiled into a downaloadable file. Clicking on this icon will cause the icon to change to yellow temporarily while the file is being flattened into a file that you can download after.

Once the download icon becomes all green (the circle and the arrow are green), you can download the file.

You will have up to 5 downloads available. Remember, once you downloaded the file, you can make as many copies as you want on your end. Save your downloaded file somewhere safe or where you can access it whenever you need it.

If you have used up all five downloads, the “Download” icon will become gray and you will no longer be able to download. When this occurs, check your local storage units (USB key, hard disk and so on) or ask someone to help you find the file. It’s probably still on all the computers you used to download it. If you can’t find it and wish to download the content again, you can purchase the download option again for this product.

There are a few reasons why you couldn’t see the “View” icon next to the product containing a video message:

1)      You did not complete the personalization of the product within one hour and the session expired before you completed.

2)      You completed your personalization, but decided to make a modification and did not complete this process, rendering the message incomplete.

3)      Only video messages can be viewed.

If none of these situations apply to you and you're still having trouble, please contact the PNP elves, making sure you describe what you have already done.

The delivery truck icon represents the “Process Order” action and there will be one for each non-processed item in your order.

Processing your order implies that you have successfully completed the personalization of all the physical products belonging to an invoice and that you are ready to submit this order to the elves so that they can begin the production and shipment of the product.

Once you click on any of the “Process Order” icons belonging to the same invoice, all other products will be processed at the same time.

It is calculated from the moment you click on the “Process Order” to the actual delivery of the product. The exact number of days this represents depends on the shipping method you selected and the country where the shipment will be delivered. Please keep this in mind when ordering physical products.

You can click on the “Find out more” action associated with the product or products in question. This should provide you with information such as shipping date and history about the product.

Alert icons show up when you purchased a product that requires an action on your behalf. It’s nothing to worry about, but it’s there as a reminder to you that these products require you attention. Remember, physical products need to be processed and shipped after you completed the personalization. Furthermore, if you have multiple physical products to ship in the same order, you’ll need to complete all of them before the order can be processed. Just keep that in mind and everyone will be happy!

Starting in late November, PNP videos (except premium videos) are available online for free for a limited time during the holidays. You can view your video many times for free on the internet solely at the PNP website. If you want to keep it as a permanent keepsake, you can purchase and download it in high quality format to keep on your computer or another digital storage device. The premium version of your PNP video is available for purchase the entire PNP season. For more information about premium PNP videos, please visit the PNP store.

You can take advantage of our premium PNP video offer and other offers that include a premium PNP video at the PNP web store. Choose the products you want in the store, follow the instructions to personalize them and then proceed with the purchase of your premium PNP video. At the end of the purchase process, you'll receive a purchase confirmation email. When your video becomes accessible, you will receive an exclusive link by email that will allow you to watch your video online.

All your video messages are strictly private unless you choose to share the unique URL address or use one of the sharing tools embedded in the message player. Once you share your video, it can be shared again and again with others. However, nobody can come across your video by chance, can find it through a search or access it unless you previously provide access to it.