Behind the scenes of the Portable North Pole

Welcome to Santa’s kingdom!

Since the massive success of his PNP console and his free personalized video messages, Jolly Old St. Nick has received tons of questions from curious people all over the world: they want to know more about his "secrets"!

To address this pressing need, Santa decided to set up the DHR (Department of Human Relations). This elf-run organization helps demystify life in Santa's village and separates fact from fiction.

Wondering where Santa is?
Want to track Santa's whereabouts?
Wondering how to find Santa's address or email?
Curious about the elves or life in the North Pole?

Sanoma, the DHR’s hard-working official “spokes-elf,” has gathered the most popular questions Santa's Village has received over the years and come up with some answers for you.


− Yours truly,
The PNP production team and the elves at the Department of Human Relations.

When the PNP first launched in 2008, Santa let some lucky boys and girls in on what may be his biggest secret.

Reindeer can fly thanks to a magic lichen that can only grow here in the North Pole”, confirms Sanoma the spokes-elf. “The elves responsible for the reindeer (also called Holhoojas) are the only ones who know where this lichen grows and how to make the potion that activates its magical properties.”.

Reindeer must nevertheless follow a strict training program for several years if they hope to make the cut for the mythical Sleigh team.

The various Santa Claus parades all over the world are sometimes used as training grounds for more advanced reindeer.

Although Sanoma the spokes-elf won't give us an exact number, the enthusiastic elf is more than happy to tell us (for the first time!) about what they do.

“Each elf has an important role to play during our Christmas preparations. First of all, there are the Crafticians. These elves are in charge of the workshop and are certainly the most magical of us all. Over the years, they have learned a million different ways to make toys and they haven't disappointed children yet! The Crafticians are also responsible for making Santa's outfits, which have to be sturdy in order to face the worst weather condition. These elves are also big partiers! They have a lot of imagination and they always come up with new Christmas games, quizzes and trivia.

Next are the Holhoojas. Their claim to fame is that they are responsible for Santa's reindeer. They spend all day with the animals and can even talk to them! They are hard workers and they love to sing Christmas songs all day as they complete their chores. The Holhoojas are also great collectors: they have a huge album in which they gather lyrics for Christmas songs in all languages. They love to have their photo taken with Santa and they put together scrapbooks full of Christmas pictures from all over the world. Rumor has it that they also have the largest collection of Christmas movies in the world.

At the Central Center for Research, you can find the Inventioneers who keep the Village modern and technologically up-to-date. These are the elves who worked with the PNP team to develop the console. It is their great technical expertise that has made it possible for you to talk to Santa for free via a personalized video message, no matter where you are in the world.

Last, but not least are the Postationists who not only manage the Post Office, but also take care of all communication with the outside world. I'm proud to say that I've been a Postationist for 694 years! I'm the one who makes available the information about Santa's address and email and who explains how to write to Santa. We read everything we receive. It's a lot of work but we love it! ”

Contrary to popular belief, Santa does not simply put the fire out.

Santa's suit is fireproof,” explains Sanoma the spokes-elf, “and Santa himself has a few magic tricks to help him resist fire. Furthermore, natural elements like water, earth, wind and fire have if little, if any, effect on him at all. Santa's beard is rather delicate though, so he has to be extra careful with it.”

When asked about these “magic tricks”, Sanoma calmly replies, “Each secret in its own time...”

Very few people know that Santa can control the rotation of the Earth... and therefore, he also controls time!

The PNP team was lucky enough to see the Great Pendulum which is right next to Santa's office at the North Pole.

Only the Invengineers and Santa know how it works to slow down, or even stop, time!

Sanoma the spokes-elf laughs loudly at this question. “Oh yes! He eats ALL of them!”.

The only time of the year Santa is allowed to eat cookies is on Christmas Eve, so he really takes advantage of it!

All cookies are thus most welcome on the night of his big trip, but we can confirm Santa’s favorite cookies are chocolate chip!

This year, Santa has agreed to tell the entire world one of his operation's best-kept secrets: only 1% of the elf population lives in Santa's Village.

The majority of elves live here on Earth... in our homes, offices and schools. And they're keeping an eye on us!

These elves report back to Santa to tell him what all the children are doing.

This information is then compiled and analyzed by a mysterious machine that gives a final result to Santa: naughty or nice?

Santa's Elves are notorious sock thieves! If a sock disappears in your house, chances are that there's an elf around.

They also like to leave marks on mirrors or move small objects around the house, including Christmas decorations.

If you find a loose cap on a tube of toothpaste, it could be a clue. Some elves love its minty taste!

"Of course, elves know how to be discreet, says Sanoma the spokes-elf. But sometimes they love the children of the house they are visiting so much they leave a few hints of their presence behind."

So if you notice these things inside your house or around the outdoor Christmas decorations, it's probably because you have been visited by an elf... and he likes you!

For obvious reasons, Sanoma the spokes-elf refuses to answer this question: “Santa has managed to keep its location secret for centuries…”.

What we do know is that there are at least three “portals” between our world and Santa’s; two are in North America (one in Alaska and the other in Canada) and the other is in the Lapland region of Finland, near the village of Rovaniemi.

This is the portal the PNP team used to transport themselves to Santa's Village. We would like to tell you how we did this, but we signed a confidentiality agreement, so our lips are sealed.

Maybe next year!

Of course! Santa has several other costumes, but now that I think of it… they’re all red too!” admits Sanoma the spokes-elf with a big smile.

“Actually, kids who get a personalized video message using the PNP this year will be able to see the outfit Santa wears at home.”

"Sanoma the spokes-elf seems a little confused as he answers this question.

Why, of course he does! He has millions of children… all over the world!

The PNP production team soon realized that the concept of family as we know it here on Earth doesn’t exist in Santa's Village.

For him, all the children of the world are his children, as are his elves and his pets. Santa loves to talk to all of you one by one with his personalized video messages.

He also loves to sit by the fire with a good cup of tea while he listens to Christmas music and reads all the letters and Christmas wishes you sent to his address at the North Pole.

He sure does!

There are all kinds of animals in the Village. Santa and Mrs. Claus take good care of them – they LOVE animals!

In fact, they tend to be a little more generous with kids that love and take care of animals too!” explains Sanoma the spokes-elf.

The PNP production team thinks Santa can communicate with animals, just like the Hoolhojas (the elves who take care of the reindeer) do.

Santa addresses them just like he would any human or elf, and all animals seem to absolutely love him!

Some people say that Santa's beard protects him from the cold,” whispers Sanoma the spokes-elf before looking around to make sure nobody is listening, “but I happen to know that he has always had it and that he always will!

And as you can see on all the photos of Santa, his style has barely changed over the years. He is very attached to his red and white outfit. ”

Oh… he gets a whole bunch,” says Sanoma the spokes-elf.

“Every time a little boy or a little girl does something nice or kind, Santa gets a present. For him, the best Christmas presents are simple things that come straight from the heart.

Remember that when you are looking for Christmas ideas and presents...